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Dicemaker Guild Sticker Swap - Registration & Return Shipping


This purchase is for members of the Dice Guild only!

Purchasing this listing counts as your registration for the sticker swap run by myself (Daarka). Please fill out your Instagram and Discord usernames so I can organize my end of things!

See the information posts in the swap Discord server for full details on how the event will run.

YOU are responsible for shipping your batch of stickers to Daarka once registration is closed; the address to send those to will be on the Discord server. This purchase will secure you a return shipping label so that the batch of other makers' stickers can be sent back to you.

Please note that my shop's shipping prices tend to be rounded down, so to ensure this swap does not cost me substantial financial loss, this listing is priced at $2 USD in addition to the flat shipping fees to cover the cost of actual shipping labels, since this is not a traditional sale where my earnings (of which there are none here) can cover that difference. I'm not able to edit shipping costs for this listing alone, so that's the best remedy I can have in place!

Returns & Refunds

Returns will only be approved under the condition that dice were considerably damaged upon arrival. Due to their handmade nature, minor imperfections may occur, though these will be disclosed in the listing and will not be subject to returns or refunds. If any dice have been severely damaged in a way that clearly occurred during transit, you must contact me immediately (within 3 days of receiving the package) with thorough photos of the damage, and I will give you the option to either send them back for repairs (client pays shipping one way, I pay for shipping on the return), or--if repairs will be impossible--have a replacement order made (client must return damaged set first, I will pay shipping on the replacement), or keep the damaged set and receive a 20% discount for future purchases. If possible, depending on the damage, I can also walk the client through how to mend minor issues themselves at no charge.


Unless otherwise stated, all orders ship via USPS, with tracking information. Shipping times may vary depending upon the time of year and the general state of the world, but domestic orders (within the USA) usually reach their destination within a week or sooner, while international orders may be in transit for 2-4 weeks (potentially even less time for countries like Mexico and Canada).


Please keep in mind that once a package leaves my hands and goes into the postal system, I no longer have control over its status or whereabouts. The tracking info that will be provided to you is the exact same information that I will have. If your order has not arrived when expected, and the tracking information is not helpful, I ask that you wait a full 30 days (60 for international shipping) after the order has been postmarked before we declare it MIA and I begin to arrange compensation (see refund policy). I cannot, under any circumstances, give refunds or replacements for orders whose tracking information has them marked as "delivered".