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Shop Update - 6.10.22

Very happy to announce another shop update! It's a smaller one, but I'm really tickled with these pieces all the same!

These sets will be added on Friday, June 10th 2022 @ 2pm MST!

In addition, I'll be updating my decals stock with some inventory I still have from a long time ago! This is largely a lot of League of Legends themed stuff, but also some Guild Wars 2 and general Pride goodies! As always, I appreciate you buying decals from my Ko-Fi shop instead of this storefront, but if you purchase dice from this shop and decals from my Ko-Fi shop within the same day, I will refund the Ko-Fi order's shipping price and package your order in one shipment! I know this is a bit complicated, but it really helps me out!

Happy summer! I can't wait to get caught up and have more things to show you all soon!

- Daarka

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