How can I get in contact with you?


This is always the first--and sometimes only--thing people ask.


Manufactured dice and hand-made ("homebrewed") dice are equally prone to small flaws. Unless the die has a large, heavier-than-resin inclusion, the dice will be balanced for fair gameplay.


Angles and velocity, as well as the surface tension of your table/dice tray, have more to do with the outcome of your roll than a tiny bubble or slightly curved corner.


You will not find perfectly balanced dice anywhere other than a casino.

If factory-made dice purchased from a game store are good enough for you, then my dice will be more than sufficient. ♡


♡ What are customers saying? 

Here are some actual quotes from customers!


"Your dice's first roll allowed me to convince a church sermon to listen to my plans for war on an enemy religion. This is a momentous occasion."                            - Jake S.

"You're the best, they taste as good as I hoped!"                         - Jake S.

What are your "shop updates"?

New products are created in waves! Once a batch of merchandise has been completed, previews will be viewable in my shop for a number of days, showcasing everything that will be available at a scheduled time. When this scheduled time arrives, my shop will update with all previewed merchandise in-stock and available for purchase. The shop will remain open for up to a week, before any items that have not been sold will be removed once more, often to be included in the next shop update. Dice-related listings will remain unavailable for a short period while new stock is produced, and then a date and time for another update will be announced! Visit the home page to view a countdown to the next one!

(Dakota Rose Jewelry is always available!)


Do you take commissions?

Sometimes! Check the Commissions page for details!


Why these prices? Is this too expensive for dice?



Do your dice have notable imperfections?



What is Dakota Rose Jewelry?



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How does your shop handle shipping?



Do you have a return / refund policy?



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