This is always the first--and sometimes only--thing people ask.


Manufactured dice and hand-made ("homebrewed") dice are equally prone to small flaws. Unless the die has a large, heavier-than-resin inclusion, the dice will be balanced for fair gameplay.


Angles and velocity, as well as the surface tension of your table/dice tray, have more to do with the outcome of your roll than a tiny bubble or slightly curved corner.


You will not find perfectly balanced dice anywhere other than a casino.

If factory-made dice purchased from a game store are good enough for you, then my dice will be more than sufficient. ♡


♡ What are customers saying? 

Here are some actual quotes from customers!


"Your dice's first roll allowed me to convince a church sermon to listen to my plans for war on an enemy religion. This is a momentous occasion."                            - Jake S.

"You're the best, they taste as good as I hoped!"                         - Jake S.

What are your "shop updates"?

New products are created in waves! Once a batch of merchandise has been completed, previews will be viewable in my shop for a number of days, showcasing everything that will be available at a scheduled time. When this scheduled time arrives, my shop will update with all previewed merchandise in-stock and available for purchase. The shop will remain open for up to a week, before any items that have not been sold will be removed once more, often to be included in the next shop update. Dice-related listings will remain unavailable for a short period while new stock is produced, and then a date and time for another update will be announced! Visit the home page to view a countdown to the next one!

(Dakota Rose Jewelry is always available!)


Do you take commissions?

Sometimes! Check the Commissions page for details!


Why these prices? Is this too expensive for dice?

In comparison to mass-produced, factory-made dice that might stock your local game store for as cheap as $5 per set, I can absolutely understand the shock that these prices might create! However, unlike those mass-produced dice, every single die I (and other dice makers) sell are painstakingly designed, poured, sanded, polished, and painted all by hand. Not only are these time-consuming labors of love, but it has taken me personally almost two years to learn and refine my craft before this storefront was created--and during that time, I have spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on professional equipment to ensure the best possible quality product. Furthermore, handmade dice boast one of a kind personalities that factories just can't hold a candle to; the dice you buy from me may very well be the only ones of their likeness in all the world! When you add up the material costs (resin and silicone aren't cheap, and that's not even counting the things I use to make that resin colorful and pretty!) on top of the costs for the equipment I use to produce the quality of dice you see (even less cheap!) on top of the days of work it takes to complete just one set--and the years of a journey to hone my craft to this level--and the prices listed here start to make more sense! You're paying for functional pieces of high-quality art!


Started From The Bottom - Now We're Here


Do your dice have notable imperfections?

Seeing as these dice are all handmade by a real human being (me), they are absolutely prone to small flaws. These may include things like microscopic scratches, chips, scuffs, dents, etc. However, any perceptible blemishes of this nature will be noted in the listing description, with photographs of the imperfections provided so you can see for yourself--and flaws of this nature will not impact the die's performance! I will not list dice that have sizeable air bubbles, missing chunks, warped features, or anything else that would be objectively disappointing to receive.

Please understand that a degree of tiny (usually imperceptible!) blemishes come with the territory of a handmade resin craft such as these! It's also possible that they could accrue scratches if you have them in contact with anything particularly abrasive, but I have never experienced my dice suffering any real wear through use or age, so I'm confident that they can last you a lifetime!


What is Dakota Rose Jewelry?

Dakota is the other pea in my pod--my best and dearest friend. While he does not make the same kind of crafts I do, he's quite artistic himself, and makes gorgeous jewelry pieces. I've arranged for him to have a platform on my storefront to peddle his wares, so the lovely people who seek out my dice might find an extra something special in his selection to brighten their day! Because his merchandise is generally agnostic of my own, his goodies are available daily, and not just during the shop updates run for my dice--though new pieces of his may be added for those!


What is your mailing list for?

If you want to stay closely in the loop and make sure you never miss a shop update, sale, or other event from me, definitely hop on that mailing list! Don't worry, newsletters will be comfortably infrequent, and I'll only contact you for the really important stuff. But even if you follow me on social media, or are a part of my Discord server, the best way to ensure you don't miss something you've been waiting for is to subscribe!


Do you have Terms of Sale (ToS)?

I do! For every purchase, I will ask you to agree to these terms. Failure to read does not exempt you from them--but don't worry! They're brief;

  • If you share photos/videos of your purchase on social media, please tag me or link to! I'm @DaarkaArts on most platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, TikTok); @Daarka on Tumblr and Pillowfort; @Daarka#0002 on Discord.

  • You may not create molds out of any of my products for any reason. All designs, fonts, and logos are my original creations, and I ask for that to be respected.

  • I do not permit my products to be resold for profit (more than what you paid for them).

  • I do not do wholesale arrangements.


How does your shop handle shipping?

My shipping policy is as follows:

Unless otherwise stated, all orders ship via USPS, with tracking information. Shipping times may vary depending upon the time of year and the general state of the world, but domestic orders (within the USA) usually reach their destination within a week or sooner, while international orders may be in transit for 2-4 weeks (potentially even less time for countries like Mexico and Canada).


Please keep in mind that once a package leaves my hands and goes into the postal system, I no longer have control over its status or whereabouts. The tracking info that will be provided to you is the exact same information that I will have. If your order has not arrived when expected, and the tracking information is not helpful, I ask that you wait a full 30 days (60 for international shipping) after the order has been postmarked before we declare it MIA and I begin to arrange compensation (see refund policy). I cannot, under any circumstances, give refunds or replacements for orders whose tracking information has them marked as "delivered".


Do you have a return / refund policy?

My returns/refunds policy is as follows:

Returns will only be approved under the condition that dice were considerably damaged upon arrival. Due to their handmade nature, minor imperfections may occur, though these will be disclosed in the listing and will not be subject to returns or refunds. If any dice have been severely damaged in a way that clearly occurred during transit, you must contact me immediately (within 3 days of receiving the package) with thorough photos of the damage, and I will give you the option to either send them back for repairs (client pays shipping one way, I pay for shipping on the return), or--if repairs will be impossible--have a replacement order made (client must return damaged set first, I will pay shipping on the replacement), or keep the damaged set and receive a 20% discount for future purchases. If possible, depending on the damage, I can also walk the client through how to mend minor issues themselves at no charge.


Where can I follow you online?

Great question! I have accounts on most major platforms, but I update on my Discord server the most consistently! Otherwise, you can find me at...

Instagram: @DaarkaArts

Twitter: @DaarkaArts

Tumblr: @Daarka


Facebook: @DaarkaArts

YouTube: @DaarkaArts

Pillowfort​: @Daarka

How can I get in contact with you?

You can contact me on any of my social media platforms--though outside of Discord, Instagram, and Twitter, my response might be delayed! For a more direct message, you can send me an email through a form on my main site! Click below to go there!